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February Nail Designs

Hello girlies!

I know that it may already be March, but before the fun Saint Patrick’s Day and pastel Easter Egg inspired nail designs come rolling in, I figured that I would post a couple of my February nail designs.

Valentine’s Day Lace

Step #1. Paint your nails purple

Step #2. Paint a white heart at the tip of your nail

Step #3. Paint a smaller heart over the white heart in a vibrant pink

Step #4. Take a dotting tool and dot the pink heart with white dots, and dot around the edges with the white

Step #5. Dot inside the white edge dots with a purple. Ta da! Your Valentine’s Day lace nails are complete!

Birthday Cake Nails

This birthday nail polish design was extremely easy!

Step #1. Paint all your nails a base color

Step #2. Paint sparkles over the nails that you do NOT want to have the birthday cake design

Step #3. Paint a white birthday cake shape on accent nails

Step #4. Take a dotting tool in pink polish and dot the “icing” design

Step #5. Taking a tooth pick, create the candles on top of the cake in any color you want

Step #6. Don’t forget to grab your dotting tool and create those shining candle flames!

I know that these two designs my not my in season right now, but I hope that they have inspired you to create some sparkly pink and purple designs of your own!

xoxo, SparklieGirlie

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